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pasteles, arroz con dulce..

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La Bombonera Encounter - Tales from Puerto Rico
La Bombonera Encounter

Tales from la Isla del Encanto Libro digital: Temas y temitas
Hacienda La Concepción

PReb Libros Cocina criolla
pasteles, arroz con dulce...

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FTER THE 7:30 MORNING MASS at the Church of San Francisco, Don Juan Manuel would walk a block to "La Bombonera" to have his coffee and toast.

Upon entering the café, the old man would find his usual spot at a small round table at the end of the counter, order coffee and toast, and read his newspaper.

After serving him, the waiter would ask, "And the same for her?".

"But of course!" and the old lady who sat daily at the end of the counter would be served coffee and toast. Later, when Don Juan Manuel was ready to leave, he would hand her the newspaper that he had finished reading.

But now our friend Don Juan Manuel had not seen the old lady at "La Bombonera" for about a week and had wondered where she was, since their ritual of coffee, toast, and newspaper had remained unchanged for many years.

Nine days after the disappearance of the woman, another old lady carne to Don Juan Manuel while he was ordering breakfast.

"Are you the man who used to pay for coffee and toast for the old lady, and also give her the newspaper?."

The man looked perplexed, but answered, "Yes, that's me".

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"I knew it! I recognized you from her description; well, you see, she died nine days ago, but in her will she left me the coffee, toast, and newspaper."

Don Juan Manuel, without losing his composure, called the waiter and told him: "The same order for the lady".


Juntos en la cocina Puerto RicoPuerto Rico: La gran cocina del Caribe
Editorial de la Universidad de P.R.

Por José Luis Díaz de Villegas

Puerto RicoJuntos en la Cocina
Por Carmen y Luis Valldejuli

Puerto RicoCocina Criolla: Puerto Rico
Por Carmen Aboy Valldejuli

Puerto RicoPuerto Rican Cookery
Por Carmen y Valldejuli
Cocina Criolla Puerto RicoCocina Criolla: Puerto Rico
Por Carmen Aboy Valldejuli

Puerto RicoPuerto Rican Cuisine in America : Nuyorican and Bodega Recipes
Por Oswald Rivera

Puerto RicoThe Book of Latin American Cooking
Por Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz

Puerto RicoBistro Latino: Home Cooking Fired Up With the Flavors of Latin America


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