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Puerto Rico en breve Espiritualidad

Spanish language titles / En español
Popular presentation of the Catholic faithSpirituality - Soft / Hard cover
Pastoral ministryProfessional booksEducational books
Children's booksFirst time author of a bookFamily life
History/BiographyGender issues
Reference booksBest book by a small publisher

a libros católicos en las siguientes categorías

Spirituality - Soft/Hard cover
First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Honorable Mention

Soft Cover
First Place Second Place

Teilhard in the 21st Century:
The Emerging Spirit of Earth

By: Arthur Fabel,
and Donald St John

Media: Paperback
The Holy Way:
Practices for a Simple Life

By: Paula Huston

Media: Paperback
Third Place Third Place
Flannery O'Connor Flannery O'Connor:
Spiritual Writings

By: Flannery O'Connor,
Robert Ellsberg and
Richard Giannone

Media: Paperback
Dynamics of spiritual

By: Adrian L. Van Kaam

Hard Cover:
First Place Second Place

Biblical Foundations of
Spirituality; Touching a
Finger to the Flame

By: Barbara Ellen Bowe

Media: Paperback
Lost in Wonder:
Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness

By: Esther De Waal
and Esther De Waal

Media: Hardcover
Third Place Third Place (2)
The Other Side of the Altar:
One Man's Life in the Catholic Priesthood

By: Paul E. Dinter

Media: Hardcover
Scarred by Struggle,
Transformed by Hope

By: Joan D. Chittister
(a Benedictine nun)
Media: Hardcover
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