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Representante José Serrano Serrano: "Many Lessons to Be Learned
for FBI From Ojeda Rios Killing"
* Congressman José E. Serrano has represented the Bronx in Congress since 1990

Sobre el resultado del informe de la Oficina del Inspector General (OIG) del Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos

Lea el informe completo de la OIG (formato pdf)
Congresistas piden investiguen muerte de Filiberto Ojeda
Congresistas ante abusos FBI en Puerto Rico
Cuestionan Homeland Sec. ante incidentes

Comunicado de Prensa enviado a "PReb" por el congresista Serrano
Decisión del FBI de actuar agresivamente contra los independentistas en 1960
Documento del FBI espiando reunión del MPI en el 1960
M.P.I.: Movimiento Pro Independencia de Puerto Rico

Los Macheteros:
The Wells Fargo
and the Violent Struggle
for Puerto Rican

Ronald Fernández

Washington, DC - August 9, 2006.

Congressman José E. Serrano said many of his suspicions about the killing of Independentista Filiberto Ojeda Rios by the FBI were confirmed by the Inspector General's report on the incident released today.

The report "identified a number of deficiencies in the FBI's conduct of the Ojeda surveillance and arrest operation." It also "determined that a superior option was available to the FBI for attempting to arrest Ojeda" which would have had a far better chance of apprehending him without violence or his eventual death.

"FBI Director Robert Mueller called me today to discuss this report," Serrano said. "I reiterated to him my concern that the FBI in Puerto Rico seems to be unable to operate without generating controversy. I also expressed my belief that the FBI seems to act differently in Puerto Rico than anywhere else it operates and that changes need to be made."

"Overall, I am not surprised that the report found fault with the actions of the FBI as agents tried to arrest Ojeda Rios. Everyone who has followed this situation knows that there were serious flaws in the FBI's planning and execution of its plan to arrest him.

Biografía de Betances
del Dr. Betances

"The report also says there was no conspiracy to kill Ojeda Rios. But it also concludes that the FBI deviated substantially from its own procedures, which are in place to minimize risk to agents and avoid violent confrontations. I believe that if the FBI had followed procedures the three FBI agents might not have been shot and Ojeda Rios might not have died.

"This bungled operation, combined with FBI agents' later altercation with the members of the press in Rio Piedras, show that the FBI in Puerto Rico continues to suffer from a distinct lack of professionalism and demonstrates a callous attitude toward the local population.

"Incidents of this nature in any other jurisdiction under the American flag would be a major scandal. Based on this report, I believe there is cause for serious changes at the FBI in Puerto Rico."

Don Pedro
Jesús Pedro
del Campo Montes:
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Fighting for Latino Rights
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y derechos civiles
en Puerto Rico
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